Thursday, September 13, 2007

Rules for my Cuckold Sissy Boy

My little Cuckold Sissy Slut Just sent me the rules he made up that he has to follow. I thought I would share them with all my nawty friends and blog readers so everyone will know what kind of toy I have on a leash. I added some extra at the bottom, I don't think he thought about while he was trying to type, pinch his nipples, and hold back the erg to shove his finger into his tight clitty, and play with himself till he explodes with lust and need for erotic humiliation.

The Rules
1. I agree/admit that I will be the submissive one inthe relationship. I take care of you I assume thetraditional female role. I'm available for yousexually any time any way you desire.2. You can discipline me any way, any time you want.3. You treat me like your total slut. You dress me up,you fondle me..often in front of people....I serviceyou when told.4. you fuck anyone you front of me if youchoose.5. You know everything about me...every sexualexperience, every girlfriend, every fantasy.6. I service whoever you want, whenever you want.7. I prepare you for dates, I entertain, I watch, Iclean up, I get used.8. I jerk off whenever you want, wherever, withwhoever9. I clean, cook, do laundry dressed as you wish.10. You play with me as you choose.

This is what I added;

*You will be willing to perform lap dances, strip teases, and
be the entertainment in any party I choose to have
*You will welcum me and anyone else I bring home with oral
stimulation, Male or Female
*Not only will you prepare me for dates, but you will pay for
any dinner, drinks, entertainment I have while on the date.
*You will take me shopping anytime I want for the most expensive
lingerie, dresses, shoes, stockings, anything else, then watch them
get ripped off me by anyone I choose to fuck me.
*You will take pictures of yourself dressed in any outfit I want and or,
performing any humiliating act I tell you so they may be posted
on the Internet, and or, used for blackmail.
(Still waiting on the BJ pics Sissy

If any of you have any other ideas you think he should be doing, feel free to post I'd love to hear your opinion.

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