Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cum and worship my pretty feet!

I did a call today that I thought was really fun!! He likes to worship my pretty feet. It really gets his cock hard to see them in six inch spikes that I've been dancing (stripping) in all night, he says the longer I've been wearing them the better!!! He slips off my shoes and likes to lick them from heal to toes...mmm it feels so good especially when he tongue fucks my toes! He loves the smell of the shoe leather and sweat so he likes to sniff my shoes after I've been wearing them he says it makes his cock so hard to smell my feet...LOL He likes to watch me finger my tiny, pink, slit while my feet jerk his fat, throbbing cock. I push my fingers in that tight little hole, in and out getting them all wet, then he licks my fingers clean, mmmm he say's so sweet! I'm jerking his cock faster now and telling him to cum all over my pretty feet, he just can't help it, he blows a huge load on my feet and then he likes to lick them clean. So naughty, but so fun! XOXO Gabby

Saturday, November 24, 2007

I Need Something SOOO Bad

You know how you wake up and you're so horny you can't get enough to curb it at least a little bit? You roll over to shove your wood into your partner and they just aren't having it so you go into the bathroom and jerk and jerk and jerk and it's just not exploding the way you want it.

That's how I feel this morning...

Normally, when I wake up like that, I can just go next door and get pounded by my neighbor. He uses me like a rag doll when we fuck, and I know that I can have multipule orgasams when I get cock boxed by him. Nooooo, he's not home!!! All my friends are out of town, so I'm sitting here, lonely needing to be filled with something!

I tried ridding my dildo, and rubbing my vibrator on my clit, and all I got was a trickle! Then, I push my dolphin vibrator into my ass, and ride the hell out of it, screaming and begging something to make me squirt like I love to do...and I couldn't get to the full blown squirt across the floor knock out creaming that I need!


God, I think I'm gonna be masturbating all day today! Wanna help?

fuck me please

Monday, October 29, 2007

Rockies Got Their Ass Beat Last Night

So, in honor of the Boston Boys kicking the Rockies where it counts. I'm offering up 10 free minutes to every submissive slut willing to get their ass beat by me for 20 mins.
Now, let me break that down for the puppy boys who don't know which head to think with...
10 mins free with a paid 20 minute call
But you have to beg me to Beat You Like Boston Beat Colorado
There you go little puppy boys, who's first?
Mistress Lilith

Saturday, October 27, 2007

What a Spoiled Vixen Does on a Friday Night

LOL, Spoiled Rotten, but still damn sexy....

Having the pathetic husband slave of mine dress me in the 500.00 Vera Wang cocktail dress, my 800.00 Christian Louboutin black velvet crystal 'Vamp' stilettos, and showered with diamonds, I proceed to have the fat piece of chauffeur me to his office party so I can have the pick of any huge, handsome, well endowed man I choose.
I walk like a queen into the party, forcing my husband slave to stand behind me, with his head held down, and only able to move when I tell him to fetch me a glass of champagne. I flirt shamelessly with every co-worker, male or female in his office. I come to his boss, and with a wicked smile, I lean over his boss and whisper in his ear how wonderful his cock felt in my tight dripping hole. His boss places his hand on my inner thigh, looks over at my husband slave, and laughs loudly, for all the room to hear.
As the my husband slave stands by my side in his Wal-mart suit, I nod to him who I choose and force him, in front of the whole party, to trudge to the chosen one and convince him to come to the house and fuck his beautiful, sensual wife.....

MMMMM, I know all the cuckold boys are wiggling in their computer chairs wishing I would tell more.
LMAO...Since when have I EVER given it away for free?
Call me to find out more, maybe I'll be nice enough to let you ooze out what has been built up....just get a glass ready, I won't allow you to make a mess on my floor.
Click my picture and Give me a call to hear the rest.
Don't forget to buy my panties, stockings, shoes, even an autographed picture
Madam Angelina

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Beautiful, Sexy and Spoiled....

I know I'm beautiful, I know I'm sexy, and I know I can and will be a bitch. However, that is what you crave.

You crave a woman who has no problems at all with demanding from you all that you have to buy me the sexiest most expensive dress I can find only to have it ripped off me by your boss, in your office, in front of you.

You are dying to clean my house, cook mine and my lovers breakfast and serve us in your bed. Standing in the cornor, hands behind your back, wearing a pair of my silky thongs, watching him pound and fuck my beautiful pussy. When all is said and done, you know what you have to do.

I look at you, laugh, and call you over to me to suck all the salty warm cum out of my pussy and ass while jerking your pathitic dick, and telling my lover how wonderful he tastes.

Pull out that credit card, and give me my allowance for the week you weak little cuckold sissy.

Thursday, October 11, 2007



I just love this picture, I haven't found a slave yet who is able to fully take in a Granny Smith Apple like that. But, when I do, I will be on the look out for another slave to take a bite. LOL

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


He fooled me again.

He'd said he was going to punish me; tonight he rewarded me.I was ready for him, as always, kneeling and naked so that he could inspect every inch of his slut freely. His wife had fucked him in his office earlier and when he made me lick the head of his cock, down to the base, I tasted her sweetly salty juices.The weight of the collar settled around my bare neck, then tightened- he showed me the leash and I knew I was his plaything. Any filthy thing he'd asked me to do, I would have done in that instant.He made me beg for it like a whore before he gave me the reward of feeling his firm, swollen cockhead pressed against my lips. I was only allowed the head; I caressed it with my tongue, felt it slide past my hungry lips, then after I strained forward for more he yanked on my leash and gave it to me- all at once, before I was ready for it.I nearly choked.Nearly cried- not good enough, never good enough. I came closer tonight than I had before. I took his cock as far down my throat as I could and stuck out my tongue (harder than you'd think, pushing my tongue past my lips stretched around his cock) to lick his balls. Just- barely- made it.He made me lie down, on my back, with the leash behind me so that the long, cold handle was wedged between my bare ass cheeks. He worked his way over my skin with his tongue, hands, and breath. I was delirious. It was heaven. He would lick, then tease, then back off until my hips would rise up, wordlessly begging him for more. Wordless wasn't enough.He stopped when I was this close and made me stumble for the words to plead for his tongue sliding on, all over, inside my wet pink cunt.